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Melt TV | Episode 29 | Analysing IRS Q1 2019

What does the Indian Readership Survey Q1 2019 tell marketers and publishers about the state of the newspaper business?


Melt TV | Episode 28 | Why Advertising Awards Matter

Do awards matter to the marketer? Do they still matter to the agency? Santosh Padhi, Amer Jaleel and nJosy Paul discuss in this episode.


Melt TV | Episode 27 | Brands At The Kumbh Mela

How did brands and corporates leverage the world's biggest gathering of people?


Melt TV | Episode 26 | Sustainability & Corporate Reporting

The how and why of sustainability and corporate reporting, from Arvind Agrawal (CEO, AICL) and Harsh Purohit (Founder Director, Cognito India).


Melt TV | Episode 25 | WorkToLiveToWork

What led Nandini Dias (CEO, Lodestar UM) to start this social initiative?


“India Is The Country Of The Future”

"We think that India is the continent of the future. We are behind - in the 19th century - and you are in the 21st century".


Melt | Episode 24 | Bobby Pawar

Bobby Pawar was recently appointed the new Chairman and CCO at Havas Group India. What is his mandate, and what is the road ahead for the French conglomerate's Indian journey?


Melt TV | Episode 24 | Jacques Séguéla

Living legend Jacques Seguela (Director, Havas Group) on storytelling in an era of technology, in this interview with Anant Rangaswami (Editor, Melt).


Melt TV | Episode 23 | RS Sodhi (MD, GCMMF)

RS Sodhi (MD, GCMMF) talks production, innovation, distribution, marketing and more with Anant Rangaswami (Editor, MELT).


Melt TV | Episode 22 | Unmetric’s Lakshmanan Narayan

Social Media Benchmarking VS Content Intelligence