Melt TV | Episode 253 | GUT’s Anselmo Ramos On Bravery, Creativity, Leadership, World Domination & More

melt, January 26, 2024

“Agencies, Brands and Brand Managers just aren’t doing enough. We all need to do more.”

MELT is talking creativity this week on the show, and we’re doing that with one of the most awarded creative professionals on the planet, Anselmo Ramos.

Now, industry watchers know that 2023 was Anselmo’s year. The agency he co-founded – GUT – won the Independent Network Of The Year honours at the Cannes Lions. And then, just a few months later, made headlines again by partnering tech giant, Globant.

So, why is tech the future of creativity? What is the secret sauce to building global award winning teams? And how does an advertising startup scale super success in just five years? Let’s find out as we get ready to melt with Anselmo Ramos.