About Us

Marketing is changing. Can the marketer keep up?

Our TV Show ‘MELT’ aims to simplify the complex world of marketing.
Tune in to WION at these times: Saturday @ 11:30am Sunday @ 10:30am.

Our daily show, ‘Melt In A Minute’ – your round-up of the news that matters in the marketing, media and advertising world, brewed hot & fresh, in 60 seconds. With so much happening it’s often hard to keep up to speed daily. ‘Melt In A Minute’ gives you the lowdown of the industry in a nutshell.

And our weekly show – ‘Creative Picks’ explores the fascinating world of advertising and marketing. On this show, we review the latest communications pieces and marketing innovations from around the world. Each episode of ‘Creative Picks’ offers a distinct look at marketing campaigns and commercials – digital, television, print etc. In short, this channel is your weekly guide to ads and the ad world.

You’ll also find MELT digital interviews, feature stories and opinionated pieces.

Melt is more than just an advertising and marketing magazine and portal. Melt looks at the A&M component in the balance sheet, focusing on the outcome of these spends. Rather than paying attention to the glamorous and pretty side of advertising, Melt takes you to the underbelly, casting light on return on investment, media metrics, research and business outcomes.

The portal will be interactive, allowing you, the reader, to share your opinion on the burning issues of the day, letting you ignite a debate or add your value to a deep discussion.