Melt TV | Episode 262 | Dream11’s Boundary-Breaking Marketing Blitz

melt, March 30, 2024

"This is the time of the year when we aim to maximise our user growth."

Cricket fever is running high, and well, this episode is riding that wave.

Dream11 is one of the brands that’s making the most of the sport and its various tournaments. Their latest campaign – Team Se Bada Kuch Nahin – is one of the few that’s been able to break the clutter thanks to clever strategy and strong creative.

To know more, we are in conversation with Vikrant Mudaliar, the CMO of Dream11 and Shriram Iyer, Co-Founder and Group CCO of Quotient Ventures, the holding, company that owns Tilt, Dream 11’s creative partners.

What’s the challenge of creating a big-budget blockbuster campaign? Are cricketers better ROI than actors? And how do you ensure you make the most of the IPL? Let’s find out as we get ready to melt with Vikrant and Shriram.