Creative Picks | Episode 19

Ritwika Gupta, June 27, 2018

From Doritos to KFC & Craftsvilla, this week Ritwika Gupta analyses her favourite marketing campaigns from all around the world. Watch the full episode now!

For all those tuning in for the first time, we are proud to present our new show on advertising & marketing – Creative Picks. Every week, we take a look at the marketing stunts and ads that impressed us from the week gone by. We also analyse communication pieces from all over the world and this week, we have Doritos, KFC and homegrown brand, Craftsvilla – all these brands have come up with some exciting marketing campaigns. Ritwika Gupta analyses them.Watch the full episode now!

Marketing Activations:

  1. Doritos: ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’
    Agencies: Frito-Lay (North America) & PHD (Australia)
  2. The KFC Bucket Björn
  3. Craftsvilla World Ethnic Day


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