Melt TV | Episode 238 | Ashwin Moorthy (Godrej Consumer Products) On Building Brands & Markets

melt, October 6, 2023

"Marketers can get condescending towards non-urban consumers. They shouldn't."

MELT is at the headquarters of one of India’s legacy brands – Godrej. And we’re here to deep dive into their Consumer Products business. The business is armed with over 10 brands in the hair care, personal care and home care segments and includes both category leaders and market disruptors.

To know more, we are in conversation with Ashwin Moorthy, the Chief Marketing Officer at GCPL India. Is there a fundamental marketing philosophy that ties all of GCPL’s brands? How do you defend category leadership? And where is the next big growth opportunity? Let’s find out as we get ready to melt with Ashwin Moorthy.