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Melt TV | Episode 175 | L’Oreal’s Asmita Dubey + Kantar’s Soumya Mohanty

"L'Oreal is shaping the future of beauty with a combination of science, technology and creativity."


Melt TV | Episode 174 | Richard Edelman

What brands can learn from Volodymyr Zelensky + Why India is the growth market for Asia + more!


Melt TV | Episode 173 | Wendy Clark + Ann Mukherjee

"Collaboration, generosity and integration are our key values."


Melt TV | Episode 170 | Swati Bhattacharya

“There’s a need for pitch-fees. It will help clients decide what they really want.”


Melt TV | Episode 168 | Sandeep Bhushan

"The Metaverse helps solve for various social opportunities."


Melt TV | Episode 166 | Zeenah Vilcassim

"India is a super exciting and unique market."


Melt TV | Episode 165 | Tarun Garg

"Our customer today is getting younger and younger."


Melt TV | Episode 164 | Rory Sutherland & Ella Jenkins

Insights and analysis from the tenth edition of the Behavioural Science Annual.


Melt TV | Episode 163 | Kantar & GroupM Dialogue Factory’s Rural Barometer Report

"Rural India remains resilient."