MELT TV | Episode 273 | What does the agency of the future look like?

melt, June 22, 2024

Melt discusses the future and business of creativity with one of advertising’s most respected creative juggernauts, Manila’s very own Merlee Cruz Jayme. After a highly storied career with networks and agencies, Merlee currently runs The Misfits Camp, a school that bridges creatives with disabilities to career possibilities.

She’s also the author of a new book, “Ten Talks. Ten Cities,” which focuses on her secrets to advertising success. From her life as a nun to entering the chaotic world of advertising, Merlee shares it all! She candidly speaks about her favourite clients, the best kinds of partnerships, and the difficulties she faced as a woman in the industry.

Watch the full episode to find out if there is a formula for nurturing excellent partner-client relationships. What does the agency of the future look like? How was working with the neurodivergent community? And how did Merlee move from being a nun to a creative chairmom?