Noted Recent Campaigns: Jan/Feb 2018

Ritwika Gupta, February 11, 2018

Ritwika Gupta reviews the commercial messages that caught her eye in the months of January and February 2018.

There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for our attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught Ritwika’s attention in January and February.

  1. IDEA

Idea Cellular’s latest brand campaign ‘A video can change your life’ focuses on the transformative role of Idea 4G via the medium of videos. The TVC captures a chain of change that is triggered through videos and the cascading effect that they have in transforming people’s lives. Conceptualised by BBDO India, the new Idea ad shows how a video, of kids waiting to be adopted, makes a young professional pause and think and educate many such kids in his own office, post working hours. A homemaker sees a video of an evening school and is infuriated upon learning how unsafe streets are not allowing girls to benefit from education. She uploads a video teaching self-defence and this inspires the next person in the chain. The ad reveals the power of a video and this is reflected in a very emotional and inspirational narrative.

  1. Lux Cozi

Lux Cozi’s new ad is cheeky, playful and quite an entertaining watch. Featuring Varun Dhawan, the ad intends to reach out to a section of younger audience. Conceptualised by Soho Square, the ad opens with Varun Dhawan sipping a cup of coffee at his hotel room, balcony, when he accidently drops his pair of sunglasses, which strategically lands on the backseat of a lady’s car. What follows next is an adrenaline-filled chase and care-free antics, complemented with upbeat music. Varun does all of this, while flaunting the Lux Cozi innerwear. There is an element of surprise and the younger audience will find it engaging.

  1. HaathiMatPalo

Next time you are thinking about going on a long ride, don’t just go riding…go hyper riding. That is the basic essence of Dominar 400’s #HaathiMatPalo campaign. Unlike other big, bulky bikes in the market, the ad aims to project Dominar 400 as a good blend of size and performance. The film juxtaposes Dominar against the traditional notions of big bikes in a tongue-in-cheek way using the ‘Haathi’ analogy. The 3 ads are short and precise and told in a memorable manner. Each film taps on a pain point faced by the riders on traditional big bikes and how Dominar with its hyper-agility, control, performance and technology, makes it a suitable hyper-riding machine.

  1. Kerovit

Kajaria’s bathroom decor and fitting brand, Kerovit released its first ad campaign featuring actress, Anushka Sharma. The ad opens with Anushka entering her neighbour’s house in search of her pet dog and she is spellbound by their gorgeous bathroom. This leads to her indulging in some crazy antics like dancing on a toiling seat and going berserk in a bathroom setting. At first glance, this reminded us of the Kenzo world ‘My Mutant Brain’ which was nominated at the Cannes Lions, last year. The ad is both wild and comical. The central message of the ad is, ‘Kerovit is freedom’ and that gives Anushka the freedom to express herself in the way she wants to. Anushka completely lets loose and her expressions are on point. The ad, overall, manages to deliver the intended message and grab eyeballs.

5. MedLife ‘Obsessed with health’

MedLife’s quirky new campaign, ‘Obsessed with health’ tackles the tedious task of buying medicines from a store in a light-hearted manner while highlighting the benefits of buying the same online, through an app. Conceptualised by Soho Square India, the commercial throws light on the discomfort that a customer might face while buying medicines the traditional way and at the same time, shows how easy it is to purchase medication by simply clicking and uploading a prescription on their app and purchasing the required medication. The ad is funny, easy to understand and very precise.

  1. Greenply ‘Why embarrass yourself with cheap ply’

In its new campaign, Greenply aims to make consumers aware of the perils of compromising on the quality of plywood. The three ads, in this series, are humorous and have been conceptualisied by Ogilvy Kolkata. The TVCs open with the protagonists bragging about their imported veneer and polish but unexpectedly, the same piece of furniture breaks in front of their guests, resulting in embarrassment. The ads manage to grab attention and deliver the message that Greenply is the solution to every what, how and why of ply.


  1. Lux Venus

Lux Venus’s new campaign features Amitabh Bachchan in an entertaining role of a barber, telling his customer what it takes to make it big in life. Unlike other briefs and vests ads, this one stands out because it does not focus on machismo and physique. The ad comes as a breath of fresh air as Mr Bachchan tell his customer that all superstars in the country wear Lux venus innerwear, including himself. It is humorous, interesting and this TVC will strike a chord with the masses all over the country.

  1. MP Birla Chetak

The new TVC by MP Birla Chetak Cement opens with a close shot of a horse running through a terrain beset with travails and natural hindrances. The narrative, enriched with poetic inflexions, symbolically shows how the MP Birla Chetak Cement is able to stand strong against the vagaries of nature. The commercial celebrates the brand’s 50 year heritage in Rajasthan. It’s a pleasant watch.

  1. Vodafone #StrongerTogether

Vodafone has brought back its iconic mascot – Cheeka – India’s favourite pug, in this heartwarming, new campaign. But this time, with a full Pug Army to charm customers! The ad opens with a number of pugs running and following one another to reach a boy with a phone. The sweet “You and I” jingle plays in the background, taking you back in time. The ad’s message ‘wherever you go, our network follows’ is beautifully delivered with a dose of nostalgia while highlighting the brand’s commitment to provide a strong network experience. The ad is short, sweet and effective.

  1. Asian Paints #HomesNotShowrooms

Asian Paints’ new ad instills the meaning and emotion of “home” powerfully. This new corporate digital campaign tells a heart-warming narrative of a grandfather who lovingly tries to measure the height of his grandson but just when he is about to put a mark on the wall with a pencil, his son asks him not to. His son worries that the paint on the wall might get ruined. The grandfather is apologetic and upset. When the son stumbles upon some old pictures, he realizes how his own father had given him a comfortable home. The ad tells us that a home is not about perfect walls or ceilings or wall paint but it is actually a myriad of emotions, right from love, moments of happiness and a sense of belonging to a familiar comfort.


  1. ITC – Sab Saath Badhein

ITC recently launched a multi-film corporate campaign that encapsulates the company’s inclusive growth philosophy in the thought, ‘Sab Saath Badhein’. The ad film shows 4 children, each struggling individually to reach their collective destination. This is a hurdle that these children have to overcome daily. Then one day, these children decide to change their approach. Instead of struggling to reach their destination on their own, they combine their efforts and we see the difference. The ad is inspiring, heartwarming and highlights the importance of building economic, social and an environmental capital for the nation.

  1. Horlicks

Horlicks’ New Campaign ‘Fearless Kota’ touches upon a critical issue – the rising case of student suicides in India. The ad begins by stating that Kota, Rajasthan is grappling with rising cases of suicides and how in the last 4 years, 88 students have ended their lives. The ad then cuts to a bus full of emotional mothers on their way to Kota with bags full of food. The students are overjoyed seeing their mothers and some of them cannot hold back their tears. The ad ends with the line, ‘Horlicks believes that mother’s love is the best dose of emotional nutrition that helps you defeat stress and fearlessly face exams’. The product placement is subtle in the ad and it definitely addresses a larger, relevant issue. It is intriguing.

  1. KFC

KFC, in association with Blink Digital, has launched KFC Smoky Grilled Wings to literally give wings to its packaging. The result: ‘Kentucky Flying Object’ (KFO) – a limited edition box that converts into a drone. The ad is to-the-point and has already gathered lot of eyeballs across the world with likes of The Sun, The Daily Mail, Engadget and Mashable covering it. It is cool, fascinating and effective.


Conceptualised by ‘Jack in the Box’, PNB MetLife’s new digital campaign focuses on the theme of ‘protection’ and amplifies the coverage age of 99 years. The ad introduces us to ‘Joy Da’, a happy-go-lucky, Bengali gentleman who adds a light-hearted undertone to an otherwise serious category such as life insurance. The ad takes on a humorous communication style in order to break away from the monotonous, emotional and fear-inducing life insurance narratives. Joy Da gets annoyed at everyone’s fixation with the number 100. His antics and mannerisms serve as a quirky backdrop to drive home the important message of staying protected for life.

  1. Ambuja Cement

Ambuja Cement’s new ad brings a montage of nostalgic moments on the ‘chhat’ as part of its #ChhatPeMilteHain campaign for its premium cement offering, ‘Ambuja Plus Roof Special’. This 5 minute film is held together with a beautiful poetry penned and recited by Gulzar. The film celebrates the ‘chhat’ and the significant role it has played in our lives. The film hits the right chord and touches your heart.

  1. Bisleri

Bisleri celebrates the spirit of India’s unity in diversity in its new campaign titled “One Nation One Water”. The video shows a Republic Day parade highlighting different Indian states and how Bisleri, as a brand, binds people from diverse backgrounds. It is quick, short and a colouful ad that will reasonate with a lot of people. The campaign video reverberates the unique sense of oneness that every Indian finds in India’s diversity.

  1. Nykaa

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas and directed by Konkana Sen Sharma, Nykaa’s new ad campaign celebrates how far women have come and cheers their achievements. The ad celebrates the confident and successful strides made by women in different walks of life – from politics, entertainment to science and the skies! The ad also depicts how women are able to multitask motherhood with a high-profile career. Although it has little to do with the actual beauty products from Nykaa, the ad’s focus on the milestones achieved by women, makes it an inspiring film.

  1., the insurance website and comparison portal, has launched a new health insurance campaign highlighting how access to health insurance can help people avoid taking extreme measures when facing a medical exigency. The ad features actors like Tisca Chopra and Pankaj Tripathi who communicate the same message in a slightly humorous, strong yet relevant manner. The TV commercial starts with an officer (Tisca Chopra) telling a contractor (Pankaj Tripathi) that his tender is not going to be sanctioned. The contractor then sarcastically informs her that he is aware of her husband’s ill health and offers her a bribe of five lakhs. The lady pushes back the money and tells him that they had already taken health insurance from The idea is innovative and impactful, with “majboori” being the creative rendition behind the campaign.

  1. Cadbury 5 Star

Building on the 12-year-strong legacy of Ramesh and Suresh, the new TVC conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, features the iconic duo swimming their way into the 3D world. With this ad, Cadbury 5Star takes forward the idea of getting ‘Lost in Taste’ to a different level altogether. The TVC opens with Ramesh and Suresh staring at a painting of a calm lake. As soon as they take a bite of the all new crunchy Cadbury 5Star 3D, the painting comes alive and Ramesh and Suresh begin to swim their way into the painting, entering a whole new three-dimensional world. The film is funny and entertaining.

  1. ixigo

As a tribute to the Indian Railways on Republic Day, ixigo, the train app and travel search engine, launched a video ‘Train Mein Hai Ghar Wali Baat’’ which celebrates how Indian Railways unites the country and its people. The video, which is over 2 minutes long, encapsulates the warmth and emotion of Indians with moments and situations that everyone would have experienced on a train trip. The voice-over is done by veteran actor, Sanjay Mishra whose narration lends a soulful feel to the entire ad. From checking the seat numbers on the waiting list to sharing a place with your co-passengers, bidding goodbye to your loved ones and finally enjoying your train journey – the ad will find an instant connect with the masses.