Creative Picks | 19 May 2020 | Ad Films | Brooke Bond Red Label, Ad Council & Tik Tok

Madhuwanti Saha, May 24, 2020

From mental health awareness to ostracism of Covid-19 patients, the ads that caught Madhuwanti's attention.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s more important now than ever to spread awareness around it under the current scenario. In the past few weeks, we have seen both national and international campaigns and activations from brands whICH are helping consumers to fight negativity and even reach out to their friends and families. This has to continue.

This week we saw Ad Council’s peppy ad film on reaching out to your friends and family. Definitely worth a watch. Moving on, we have Brooke Bond Red Label’s ad on showing some love for Covid-19 patients and healthcare workers and TikTok’s cheerful first UK campaign. Take a look.

Ad campaigns of the week:

1. Brooke Bond Red Label

Brooke Bond Red Label is out with its latest ad under its ‘Taste of Togetherness’ campaign. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, it hits close to home as it touches upon the passive hostility prevailing in the current times.

The 40-second TVC opens with an overtly cautious husband looking out from his window to inform his wife that his neighbour is back from hospital. He warns her against any contact with the neighbour, offering a list of precautions with something as baseless as keeping windows closed. The wife, who was seen making tea earlier, offers him a cup when the camera shifts towards the tray which has two more remaining cups. Confused, the husband asks about the third one. The wife replies that it’s for the neighbour, explaining that he has been asked to stay separately, not be left alone. She reaches out to the neighbour with the cup while maintaining all the safety protocols. 

Whether it’s championing transgender inclusiveness or strengthening religious (read Hindu-Muslim) ties, Brooke Bond Red Label has been consistent in delivering socially relevant messages through its hard-hitting campaigns.

The trend continues with its latest spot where it doesn’t let the new norms of social distancing and staying indoors deter from acts of kindness and compassion, especially to COVID-19 patients and warriors who are at the centre of stigma and ostracism. This key factor makes the commercial stand out for me as it emphasises on looking out for the patients without breaking safety protocol.

The campaign uses apt hashtags like #DooriyonMeinApnapan and #SwadApnepanKa for the video to spread its message that ‘one can be socially connected even while physically apart’.

Campaign: ‘Taste of Togetherness’
Agency: Ogilvy

2. Ad Council

On the occasion of Mental Health Awareness Month, Ad Council along with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and The Jed Foundation (JED) have launched a campaign called ‘Seize the Awkward’.

The campaign features a two-and-a-half-minute video created pro bono by creative agency Droga5 aptly titled ‘Whatever Gets You Talking’.

This colourful trippy video sees the rapper Akinyemi guide viewers through different ways they can reach out and start conversations with their friends, whether that be through a GIF, emoji, call or text. I love how the foot-tapping track is imaginative and real at the same time. Whether it’s sending a simple text like ‘How are you’ or knitting a sweater, or asking about their well-being while binging a movie or working from home, there doesn’t need to be a right way to reach out to your friends. The message is that straightforward.

The use of social media assets like comment box, even dog and cat videos, GIFs and emojis, with digital stars like American digital stars Avery Cyrus and James Henry and singer like Meghan Trainor, makes the execution uber cool.

The campaign is a result of a recent Ad Council study that found young people are reportedly having more negative emotions on COVID-19, compared to older adults. In my opinion, the ad film has all the elements to appeal to this age group.

The campaign will also roll out a suite of digital, social, radio and broadcast assets giving young people the inspiration, language and tools to check in with their friends and support their mental health.

3. TikTok

TikTok launched its first UK campaign titled ‘A Little Brighter Inside’ featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, Olympic athlete Tom Daley and artiste Tinie Tempah, among others. The one-minute colourful ad spot sees them taking on a number of challenges like the Binding Lights dance challenge.

The ad smartly utilises the app’s distinctive branding and interface and bright colour palette to put forward its messaging.

It works because the end result is lively and has a nice joyful vibe to it. The peppy remix of The Chordette’s Mr Sandman makes it a complete package.

I also liked how it features pets and users across different age groups (from granddad, a family of three to a cat), emphasising on the app’s wide user base. It cleverly inserts the transitions that the app has become synonymous with.

‘A Little Brighter Inside’, according to the makers, is aimed at celebrating the fun and positive spirit of TikTok creators.

Created by Social Lab, the work is part of a larger marketing campaign the social platform has in place for May. The creators and celebrities who star in the ads will be part of a wider digital campaign. They will use the platform to give an insight into their routines during lockdown through its Live feature.

Campaign: ‘A Little Brighter Inside’
Agency: Social Lab