Creative Picks | EP 125 | Breakthrough India, Disney, Spotify

Ritwika Gupta, October 5, 2019

Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Breakthrough India, Disney India and Spotify UK.

While Breakthrough India’s new ad talks about empowering the lives of women and young girls, Spotify UK’s outdoor campaign stirs up nostalgia for soundtracks from the 80s and 90s and Disney India’s second installment of ‘that awkward moment’ once again questions young parents if they indeed want their kids to become what they watch. Take a look at the ads we loved this week:

Ads of the week:

1. Breakthrough India
‘Ek Pita Ka Khat’
Agency: Ogilvy

2. Disney India
‘That Awkward Moment’

3. Spotify UK
“Listen Like You Used To”
Agency: Who Wot Why