Zee Melt 2019 | Imposters, lone wolves and clarity fiends – Inside a strategist’s head

melt, August 12, 2019

What does a strategist really do? Mark Pollard answers.

Strategy is a brain job that can turn you into a nut job. “Do I know what I’m doing? Who am I to be in this room? Am I any good at this? I think I have an insight but I’m not sure. Why won’t people take my ideas seriously and who am I anymore? Oh, I feel so alone.” In this session, Mark will work you through three critical topics that lurk in his conversations with strategists around the world – feelings of inadequacy, isolation, and confusion. He’ll touch on philosophy and psychology, and he’ll arm you with practical strategy techniques to help you make sense for your clients.

This talk features Mark Pollard, Strategy CEO, Mighty Jungle.

This discussion was conducted at Zee MELT 2019, India’s biggest conference for disruptive marketing practices. Visit and sign up for latest updates.