Zee Celebrates With The Competition

Anant Rangaswami, November 1, 2017

Zee brings in its 25th anniversary with a print ad that thanks its competitors for their contribution in "releasing the extraordinary".

How often have you seen an ad that mentions or carries the logos of competitive brands? In most cases, if you have seen such instances, it would be in the context of competitive ads.

Zee’s recent full-page ad in all major newspapers was a refreshing departure as they acknowledge competitors and the role that all of them have played in the growth of the broadcast medium in India.

Zee Celebrates 25 Years


Well done, Zee.

The last time that I saw something similar in India was when Hutchison Max changed identities to Orange. At that time, Orange was a significant brand internationally – much bigger than Hutch – and there was much chatter in the advertising and marketing communities about the imminent launch of Orange in India. There was much chatter in the competition, too, and BPL Mobile, then a vibrant brand, decided to make a statement with a full page ad that welcomed the newcomer.

BPL Welcomes Orange


In case you cannot read the headline in the ad, all it says is “Welcome, Orange.”