Wipro Garnet LED Bulb’s New TVC Is To The Point And Funny

Ushnota Paul, April 10, 2018

Sometimes all you want is a TVC that talks straight about the product, in as less time as possible

Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has come up with a new campaign for its product Wipro Garnet LED bulb. The product claims that Wipro Garnet LED is 70% wider than a low beam ordinary LED bulb, thereby giving you more brightness in the house.

The commercial shows a loving husband buying a pink saree for his wife online but when it arrives the wife says, “Itna dull? Exchange na.” And each time the saree arrives the wife asks for a ‘brighter shade’. We see different shades of pink but the wife keeps asking for an even brighter shade. Finally the deliveryman, seeing the husband’s plight, suggests to him that he change the light in the house instead. “Sir brighter saree chhodo, brighter light lagao,” he says. Genius. And funnily, yet sure enough, it works.

FCB ULKA Bangalore is the agency behind the ad and it will be aired on all major news and entertainment channels pan India. It’s a 30-second commercial that just sticks to the product message while being funny. What I like about it is that it doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s product oriented, shows what the product is all about and at the same time has a sense of humour.

The tagline reads, “Wide light lagao, ghar bright banao!” and it’s that simple and to-the-point. Sometimes you don’t need to be really fancy or deliver a complex social message, you just do your job and deliver what needs to be told, and it works. In this case, that’s exactly what happens.