What’s A Computer? Apple Asks

Ritwika Gupta, November 24, 2017

In its latest commercial, Apple highlights the versatility of the iPad Pro and how kids today do not know what a computer is.

Today, technology is evolving so rapidly that one generation’s significant inventions are relics of a bygone age, for the next. It makes you think how far we have come. Just like the way I never saw a gramophone while growing up, today, kids will be baffled seeing cassettes, a tape recorder or an old analogue telephone. Similarly, the definition of computer is expanding. It is no more just a device for typing documents, storing data or playing games. The new iPad Pro commercial challenges the meaning of a computer today. The film highlights iPad Pro’s versatility and the new features introduced in iOS 11.

The ad opens with a young girl using an iPad Pro to chat with her friends, take photos, flip through a comic strip and doodle with the Apple Pencil. Towards the end, when her neighbour asks her what she is doing on her ‘computer’, the girl unassumingly replies “what’s a computer?” and that cleverly sums up that we have come a long way since the days computers were the cutting edge of technology.

Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, took a clear shot at Apple when he told two reporters that they needed to “get a real computer”. It was a joke but definitely pointed figures at Apple’s productivity. Through this ad, Apple gives a fitting reply to the comment. However, there is nothing vindictive or nasty about the comeback. Instead, the film cheekily drives the point home that computers are passé and the iPad Pro is the millennial’s new best friend! Upon watching the ad, you do wonder if the next generation of kids will actually recognise a computer if they saw one. It seems clear that Apple is presenting the iPad Pro as an option for all those seeking to switch from PC to tablets.

I think the ad is beautifully shot and obviously, very clever. It looks effortless, chilled out and depicts regular day-to-day activities. The ad has a simple story of a day in the life of young girl but it leaves an impression. A special mention to the catchy background song “Go” by Louis The Child, which does a neat job of getting you involved. Earlier this year, Apple had launched a series of short ads, around a similar concept, that featured tweets from PC users explaining why they think the iPad Pro is not right for them. Unlike the earlier ads, this one is more compelling and largely focuses on iOS 11 features.

Well, I cannot answer if the iPad Pro can truly take over the computer like Apple makes it seem but the ad does clearly convey why one should buy the expensive tablet.