Wagga Wagga Diabetic Oil

Ritwika Gupta, August 9, 2017

The Wagga Wagga diabetic oil ad is a spoof on Indian family drama clichés. The video cleverly promotes the international brand and captures the audience aptly.

Cooking oil ad commercials have always had a standard format – a woman taking care of her family by preparing delicious food using the advertised “healthy” oil. The recent Wagga Wagga diabetic oil ad, conceived by DDB Mudra West, spoofs on conventional family drama clichés to promote its product, making the film light-hearted and engaging. It takes us through the journey of Lucy, an Australian daughter-in-law, trying to win over her Punjabi father-in-law’s heart by preparing food with the Wagga Wagga diabetic oil. The oil is originally sourced from Australia and what stands out for me is how the brand has been cleverly embodied through Lucy, the foreign daughter-in-law.

It is an innovative way for a new, foreign brand to get noticed among the established players in the cooking oil segment. The tagline – “the Australian that helps control blood sugar” fits seamlessly with the script and the purpose of the campaign. Unlike other edible oil ads, the advert does not exaggerate the product’s health benefits or similar claims. It, in fact, keeps the diabetic angle simple, making the ad easy to register.

Client/Brand: Wagga Wagga Oil
Agency: DDB Mudra West
Production House: Early Man Film
Director: Abhinav Pratiman