Vodafone’s Beloved Pug Is Back And This Time With An Entire Pack!

Ushnota Paul, January 15, 2018

Another heartwarming gem is out of the Vodafone stable with the #StrongerTogether campaign…

Who doesn’t remember the adorable Vodafone mascot, the pug named Cheeka? And of course the much-loved jingle “You and I, in this beautiful world” that just hits you right in the nostalgia feels, even today. Vodafone is back with a new TVC that has both of these and more.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India and directed by Nirvana Films’ Prakash Varma, the #StrongerTogether campaign features not just Cheeka but 30 other adorable pugs. We see the pugs getting up, running and following one another to reach a boy with a phone (just like the good old ads). The sweet “You and I” jingle plays in the background taking you back in time. The pug, over the years, has symbolised the strength of the network – wherever you go the network follows. That symbolism works the best as opposed to showing tangible networks and signals that may look intimidating for the average audience. This time, the pug army symbolises an even stronger network that will follow you everywhere you take your phone.

Vodafone has used the nostalgia factor to their advantage and brought in their old mascot. It probably doesn’t work as well as the first few pug ads, because obviously the novelty factor has worn off, but it most definitely still makes an impact. The cuteness factor is the same. You have not just one pug but also an entire pug army! The message of the #StrongerTogether campaign comes out well through that depiction because it shows that the Vodafone family is getting stronger by adding one tower every hour.

At a crisp 44 seconds, the TVC communicates the message loud and clear without dragging it. You’re engrossed admiring the cuteness of the pug army and before you know, the advertisement is over. It’s clever, it’s short, it’s sweet and yes, it works. Well done Ogilvy, once again.