Veeba’s “Aaj Kya Khaoge?” Campaign Is Short And Sweet

Ushnota Paul, December 6, 2017

Featuring Amit Sadh and Shruti Seth, Veeba’s first commercial will make you smile.

Veeba, a brand that specialises in sauces, dressings and dips, has rolled out its first campaign “Aaj Kya Khaoge?” and it definitely catches your attention. Starring Amit Sadh and Shruti Seth as a married couple, the advertisement has been created in partnership with an integrated cross-agency, multi-disciplinary team of TapRoot Dentsu and MSix.

Crisply made in 20 seconds, the commercial shows an urban, modern day couple in their kitchen. The wife is lovingly making a burger for her husband while he’s busy working on his laptop. The wife talks to the audience complaining about how he always asks if it’s she who has made the food, even though there are only two people in the house. We see her putting a generous dollop of Veeba’s eggless mayonnaise on the burger and handing it over to her husband. As he takes the first bite, through a mouthful of food comes the obvious, rhetorical question, “Yeh tumne banaya hai?” (Have you made this?).

It’s a feel-good, sweet ad that shows the usual banter of an everyday modern couple in their kitchen. The product message comes across well too, since the dips and sauces seem to be so tasty, that the husband can’t help but wonder if his wife has, indeed, made the food at home. At 20 seconds, it’s taut and keeps you interested throughout. In an age where people skip ads within 5 seconds, this 20 second cute advertisement definitely keeps you glued.