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Dave Trott says “Simple Is Smart” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Nearly 90% of all advertising isn't noticed by the consumer. Dave Trott explains what's going wrong at Zee Melt 2017.


Daniel Comar says “Uberize Me!” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What can Uber teach the marketers of today? Geometry Global's Daniel Comar elucidates. At Zee Melt 2017, Disruptive Marketing.


Luca Boschin on “Using AI to Unlock the Visual Age” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Why is it critical for marketers to tap in to Artificial Intelligence to drive mobile and video? LogoGrab's Luca Boschin explains.


Nick Lanzafame on Recoding Culture at #zeemelt 2017–ViewClickShare

The digital world has changed the way we consume, and share media. At ZeeMelt 2017, in this session with Nick Lanzafame (Director of Strategic Insights & Data Standards at BuzzFeed), we take a look at the role culture plays in creating premium content.