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Melt TV | Episode 23 | RS Sodhi (MD, GCMMF)

RS Sodhi (MD, GCMMF) talks production, innovation, distribution, marketing and more with Anant Rangaswami (Editor, MELT).


Melt TV | Episode 20 | Prakash Varma (Nirvana Films)

"Ideally, the marketer is not required on the sets of an ad film."


Melt TV | Episode 17 | Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad Campaign

Why does P&G India choose to continue the campaign?


Melt TV | Episode 16 | Pradeep Guha & The IAA World Congress

What to expect from the 44th IAA World Congress?


Melt TV | Episode 15 | Punit Goenka

"If you're not relevant to the customer, you're not relevant to the market."


Melt TV | Episode 14 | Brands, Activations, Events & More

How can a marketer make the most from associating, partnering, organising, or sponsoring an event?‬ ‪


Melt TV | Episode 12 | Anand Mahindra

"A brand is nothing but an accumulation of stories."


Melt | Episode 11 | Piyush Pandey’s New Global Role

"I'm not the team manager. I am the team captain."