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Melt TV | Episode 172 | The Big Winners At The 2022 Cannes Lions

From "Long Live The Prince" to "Super. Heroes." to "The Unfiltered History Tour" and more!


Melt TV | Episode 171 | Highlights from #KCA22 & Cannes Lions

Elephants, Lions, and more!


Melt TV | Episode 170 | Swati Bhattacharya

“There’s a need for pitch-fees. It will help clients decide what they really want.”


Melt TV | Episode 93 | How HUL’s Foods Brands Responded To The Lockdown

How HUL’s food brands responded to the lockdown through marketing communication necessitated by the significant shifts in consumer behaviour.


Melt In A Minute | WhatsApp India Reports Rs6.84 crore Revenues For FY19 & More

Twitter will delete inactive accounts of over six months from December 11