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Melt TV | Episode 172 | The Big Winners At The 2022 Cannes Lions

From "Long Live The Prince" to "Super. Heroes." to "The Unfiltered History Tour" and more!


Melt TV | Episode 171 | Highlights from #KCA22 & Cannes Lions

Elephants, Lions, and more!


Melt TV | Episode 144 | The “Koo Kiya Kya” Campaign

"The intention for "Koo Kiya Kya" is to be a recruitment campaign for creators."


Melt TV | Episode 141 | Not Just A Cadbury Ad | Featuring Shah Rukh Khan

"The core of the idea was to help small retailers. It wasn't to use a face for the brand."


Melt TV | Episode 126 | Thums Up’s #PalatDe Campaign

Repositioning brand Thums Up and making the most of an Olympic opportunity.


Zee Melt 2019 | Today’s consumer has the attention span of a goldfish

In today's fast-paced world, how can you get the consumer to stay attentive?


Melt | Sukesh Nayak | Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy – Mumbai & Kolkata

"The time has come not to sell, but to connect."