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“Great Advertising Builds Pre-Disposition”: Findings From Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Awards India 2024

All ads exemplify essential characteristics of being creatively engaging and landing persuasive stories that enhance brand sales.


Melt TV | Episode 240 | Insights From Kantar’s BrandZ 2023 Most Valuable Brands Report

"Marketers must understand that investing in a brand means investing to safeguard its future."


Melt TV | Episode 226 | Kantar’s Soumya Mohanty Talks Creative Effectiveness

"The key is to be consistent within the brand, but differentiated from other brands."


Melt TV | Episode 175 | L’Oreal’s Asmita Dubey + Kantar’s Soumya Mohanty

"L'Oreal is shaping the future of beauty with a combination of science, technology and creativity."


Melt TV | Episode 128 | Soumya Mohanty

What brands can learn from Kantar's Creative Effectiveness Awards, and why marketers should back their gut instincts with data and science.