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Zee Melt 2019 | What are we missing?

Behavioural science decoded for advertising and marketing minds by Rory Sutherland.


Melt TV | Episode 34 | Rory Sutherland

Why should marketers study behavioural science? What's the future for the advertising industry? Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman, Ogilvy UK) answers in a conversation with Anant Rangaswami.


Point Of View: The Other Sides Of The Marketer

Question: Name five books that you recommend to marketers and CEOs. Answer: CEOs and CMOs come with rich experiences, which not only set them a class apart, but also hold them and their brands in good stead. However, in today’s world, unlearning is as important as learning. And therefore, it is key for them to be refreshed with the new realities and opportunities. I would, therefore, recommend these 5 books with each bringing a unique but key learning.