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Melt TV | Episode 57 | Melissa Waggener Zorkin (WE Communications)

Why 'active listening' is a skill every marketer needs to learn.


Melt TV | Episode 56 | Matthew Harrington (Edelman)

How brands can cater to today's connected and educated consumer.


Melt TV | Episode 55 | Building Brand Trust

Why Return On Reputation matters.


Melt TV | Episode 44 | Dilip Cherian & Rakesh Thukral

Can a brand survive without trust?


Melt TV | Episode 06 | Richard Edelman

How can Public Relations evolve?


Ready To Melt with Anant Rangaswami: Podcast Episode 06

This week, Anant dissects the PR crisis at Indigo Airlines and Fortis Healthcare, and busts the popular "humans have the attention span of a goldfish" myth.


Ready To Melt with Anant Rangaswami: Podcast Episode 04

Anant Rangaswami weighs in on the Indigo Airlines PR disaster and dissects the damage it could have to the brand's value.


Darren Burns on How China Is Transforming Global Communications at #ZeeMelt 2017

Darren Burns has been in China for more than two decades, and vouches for the increasing quality of Chinese marketing communications and practices.


The Sharing Economy VS The Caring Economy

In the coming years, all content would translate to videos. This would mean staying open to the re-structuring of PR plans and opening the team to several other expertise simultaneously leaning to real situations that would eventually lead to sustainable topics.