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Melt TV | Episode 237 | Ogilvy’s Devika Bulchandani & Piyush Pandey On Leadership Transition In India

"Nothing changes. I'm just handing over the captaincy, and I will continue playing."


Melt TV | Episode 221 | AR Rahman on Creativity | Highlights From The 2023 Kyoorius Creative Awards

"Working in jingles and advertising sharpened my instincts," says AR Rahman, winner of the Master Of Creativity award.


Melt TV | Episode 167 | “Open House” with Piyush Pandey & Rajiv Bajaj

"Advertising should mirror a company's strategy."


Melt TV | Episode 156 | #CreativeComeback | Deepika Warrier

"Life happens. Babies are born, we get cancer, our parents age and need us. These life experiences make creativity richer and deeper."


Melt TV | Episode 133 | ZeeMELT 2021: History Is Not Bunk

Get ready to go #BackToTheFuture and magically connect a slice of history to the times we live in.


Melt TV | Episode 131 | Senior Citizens In Advertising With Piyush Pandey

"Thank you Senior Citizens for bringing believability, credibility and honesty to advertising."


Melt TV | Episode 67 | Amit Syngle (MD & CEO, Asian Paints)

"Now is the time leaders need to show empathy."


Melt Update | 23 March | No Newspapers To Be Delivered In Mumbai From Today & MORE

In other news, ZEE appoints Piyush Pandey as independent director of the company.


Melt In A Minute | Piyush Pandey Will Be A Part Of The Executive Jury at the NYF Advertising Awards 2020 & MORE:

In global news, BBC Studios has appointed Nicki Sheard as chief marketing officer.


Fevicol, capturing 60 years in 90 seconds

Ogilvy India encapsulates paradoxes of India through the ages in the latest Fevicol ad to celebrate the latter's 60 years