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Twitter’s Soumya Parmar on the Live Video trend at #ZeeMelt 2017

Real time broadcasts command premium consumer attention, but are successful only when planned well. Twitter's Soumya Parmar shares the know how in this session.


Sunil Raina on “Creating Possibilities” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Disruptive marketing involves playing to your strengths, and minimizing the focus on your weaknesses. Sunil Raina urges brands and marketers to create genuine value to their customers in this talk.


Steve Wells on “The Possibility Expansion” at #ZeeMelt 2017

How will existing technology, and upcoming innovations disrupt the way we live in future, and carry out business? Steve Wells hypothesizes.


Daniel Comar says “Uberize Me!” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What can Uber teach the marketers of today? Geometry Global's Daniel Comar elucidates. At Zee Melt 2017, Disruptive Marketing.


Point Of View: Women In Leadership Roles In The Industry. If Not Now, When?

Talking about women and leadership today, we see how women have overcome the shackles of the world and how they've now been receiving support. But what happens when they get past that interview and what does it take to make that change?


Ready To Melt with Anant Rangaswami: Podcast Episode 01

Now, listen to the latest and hottest from advertising and marketing in India.


It Took More Than Two Minutes, But Nestlé India Is Back To Fighting Fit

Suresh Narayan was required to drop everything and head to India to manage the fallout of what was then a developing crisis. In conversation with Suresh Narayan, CEO of Nestlé India about his journey with Nestlé and how he tackled a developing crisis, one that threatened the very foundations of the brand.


From Marketing To Marathons

Ushnota Paul profiles four top corporates in India who spill the beans on how running marathons has helped them in their professional career.


QSR Chains And The Social Media Landscape

Social media is a great place to be in for brands in 2017. With more people logging in multiple times a day, there’s no better medium to reach the wi-fi enabled. And that’s exactly what brands from the QSR industry in India did. In this report by Unmetric, we take a look at the social media landscape of quick service restaurants and take a deep dive into the performance of 15 brands.


Point Of View: Is Your Brand Doing Justice To Its Sermon?

What the world once trusted, it now doubts. The mainstream media has lost its monopoly on authority. Societal and economic fears are dominating the conversation, especially concerns about job loss, immigration restrictions, and the rapid pace of innovation. The chasm between views held by the elites and the mass population continues to widen.