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Creative Picks | Episode 35

On this week’s episode, Ritwika Gupta takes a look at the marketing campaigns from Tata Tiscon, Hershey’s India and Olay.


Creative Picks | Episode 28

From Länsförsäkringar, Schweppes to Kit Kat, here are Ushnota Paul’s favourite marketing innovations of the week. Let’s take a look!


Creative Picks | Episode 18

From The Times of India, Mercedes Benz to HomeGoods, Ushnota Paul's takes you through this week's top marketing innovations. Let’s take a look!


Creative Picks | Episode 03

Ushnota Paul shares her top 3 picks for last week - Maggi Masala-ae-Magic, Vodafone Egypt and Wipro Garnet LED Bulb


Emma Chiu on “Innovation & The Future Agency” at #ZeeMelt 2017

What does the communications and advertising agency of the future look like? Emma Chiu, Chief Innovation Officer at J Walter Thompson Worldwide answers.