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Melt TV | Episode 268 | What Is The Impact Of AI On Marketing?

Can marketers co-exist with AI?


Melt Update | 25 Feb | Meta Expands ‘Reels’ to Over 150 Countries, IPL to begin on 26 Mar 2022 & MORE

IPL will begin in Mumbai on 26 March 2022 and end on 29 May 2022.


Melt Update | 28 Apr | Alphabet’s Q1 Revenue Surges 34% to $55.3 billion

Meanwhile, WPP is launching its own data and technology solution ‘for the cookieless future’ - WPP Choreograph.


Melt Update | 9 April | IPG Mediabrands Appoints Guy Beach as Global President & MORE

Meanwhile, InMobi has appointed Krista Thomas as the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Marketing for InMobi Marketing Cloud.


Arun Pattabhiraman on “Mobile Video Done Right” at #ZeeMelt 2017

An in-depth session on one of the most popular creative outlets for communication today, Mobile Video by InMobi's Arun Pattabhiraman.


Vasuta Agarwal on Brand Safety & Ad Fraud at #ZeeMelt 2017

How do you build accountability in mobile advertising? Vasuta Agarwal covers some of the best practices that can be undertaken to maximize brand safety in the mobile advertising ecosystem, and diminish chances of ad fraud.