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Melt TV | Episode 22 | Unmetric’s Lakshmanan Narayan

Social Media Benchmarking VS Content Intelligence


Melt TV | Episode 05 | Data-Driven Marketing

How can a marketer sift through the humongous volumes of data to reach those insights? What role does the agency partner play?


Melt TV | Episode 04 | Guneet Singh

The Do's and Don'ts of Digital Marketing.


Melt TV | Episode 03 | R Gowthaman

Just a buzzword? Or can Blockchain help make marketing more effective?


The World of Entertainment Rides the Digital Wave

The journey begins with a tweet from an A-list talent about the “first look” and ends with a film premiere (after it’s done a box-office run) on a streaming platform. Here’s how digital media is changing the way films are marketed in India.


Why Every Marketer Should Master Blockchain

R Gowthaman opines that Blockchain technology helps build trust between two stakeholders without compromising either position.


Blockchain in A&M: An Early Solution Looking For A Problem To Solve?

If there is a new game in town, fraud will always come along with new tricks.


Marketing And The Tyranny Of The Tangible

Content marketing is storytelling to tell the audience what we are about. One minute, isn’t that what brand advertising did?