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Melt TV | Episode 146 | Highlights From Kyoorius Designyatra 2021

What makes good design, good?


“I Rarely Look Inside Advertising For Inspiration” – Samuel Ball

Founder of UK based digital advertising agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine, Samuel Ball, talks to Ushnota Paul about all things advertising...


“Design Is Omnipresent” – Prasanna Sankhe

Ushnota Paul talks to Prasanna Sankhe, the Co-Founder & Creative Head of Hyphen, who paved a successful path from advertising to design...


“In This Mobile Phone Age, Most Old People Are Unpredictable, Irrational & Chaotic Customers” – Noriaki Onoe

In a freewheeling conversation, Creative Director of Dentsu Inc. Japan, Noriaki Onoe, talks to Ushnota Paul about clients, consumers and campaigns.


“Everything Starts With (the) Brand” – Christopher Doyle

Ushnota Paul talks to Christopher Doyle, the Creative Director of the Australia based independent and collaborative creative company, Christopher Doyle & Co.


‘Advertising Needs To Do A Better Job Of Telling Stories’

A lot of great advertising is just about storytelling. If done right, storytelling can make your communications more engaging and impactful. But with some of the biggest advertisers cutting back on their ad spends this year, the question remains - are people not spending enough time looking at an ad? In that case, what are the new tools which marketers can use to connect brands and people?


“Good Design In Advertising Is About Clarity And Communication”

Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, talks to us about the role of design in relation to branding and the challenges of getting the design and marketing teams to work in partnership.