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Shakespeare, Fogg and Trivago: In the same league

It's important to remember that you create for your audiences and not for critics


Zee Melt 2019 | Strategy is sacrifice

Creative guru Dave Trott helps demystify strategic thinking.


Zee MELT 2019 | Simple is art, complicated is stupid.

Dave Trott is all about creativity, and simplicity.


You Can’t Not Vote

In life we can’t avoid the consequences of our actions, or inactions. It’s an illusion that by avoiding choosing we can opt out.


Dave Trott says “Simple Is Smart” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Nearly 90% of all advertising isn't noticed by the consumer. Dave Trott explains what's going wrong at Zee Melt 2017.


Dave Trott: “Reinterpret The Brief”

Reading through an inspiring story written by Arthur Scargill, I've come to understand the power of interpretation. Like the author says, we could either choose to interpret a situation or brief in a disempowering way or interpret it in an empowering way.


Dave Trott, “Advertising Isn’t Marketing Comms.”

One of the main problems with our business is language.People like to use long complicated words to describe simple things. This makes their job sound more impressive. Consequently, advertising isn’t called advertising anymore. Now it’s called ‘marketing comms’. Comms is short for communications.