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Burning Issues: The Great Unbundling Of Digital Video

Digital video is being unbundled into ad-supported and subscription supported content. In that on-going fission, lies opportunities for a new kind of marketing, that marries story-telling and computing.


Burning Issues: Does Your Brand Have A Voice?

The voice must be original, interesting and, above all, experimentative. If ever a torrential deluge of content has threatened to drown us, it’s now.


Burning Issues: Digital Media – New World, Old Rules

What in heaven is content? To some, it’s just an ad. To some, it’s a bespoke article written for a brand. To others, it’s a video that teaches you how to make an omelette. Brand managers are besieged by representatives from content companies, by invitations to content seminars — even by job offers from new, funded and struggling content outfits. The truth is, content is many things. In this issue’s Burning Issue, experts invested in the content business share their views on the content they understand best.


Burning Issues: The News Broadcasters Association (NBA) vs Republic TV. Pot calling the kettle…?

It was inevitable. It was only a question of who would be first to pull the trigger, and when.


Burning Issues: “BARC-ing up the wrong tree?” Republic TV and how BARC India works

Let’s face it. You may like him. Or you may not. But you CAN’T ignore him.Yes. I am talking about Arnab Goswami, once the mascot of Times Now’s brand of aggressive journalism, and now the face of Republic TV. For the past month or so, he had promised to return to our TV screens soon, and all the ads we saw gave the impression of an impending storm. And boy, did the storm arrive! But if you had thought the noise would be limited to TV newsrooms, well, think again!


Burning Issues: “Leaky T(A)RP? I don’t think so.” Of TV Audience Measurement in India

When BARC was born and heralded a new era in television audience measurement in India, marketers heaved a sigh of relief. They look forward to a stable measurement regime based on which they could allocate their AdEx spends with a considerably greater degree of confidence. As we witness the battle between the English news channels and BARC, it is apparent that BARC is structurally weak, allowing disgruntled elements to withdraw their watermark on a whim or a fancy. Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say in Burning Issues, a series where we look at pressing issues within media & marketing in India.