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Creative Picks | EP 99 | Ariel, Gillette & Budweiser

The ads by Ariel, Gillette and Budweiser that caught our attention this week


Creative Picks | EP 79 | Halo Top Ice Cream, Axos Bank, Budweiser

Take a look at the 3 ads that caught our attention this week - Halo Top Ice Cream, Axos Bank and Budweiser.


Creative Picks | EP 77 | Nike, Surf Excel, Budweiser

From Nike’s new campaign, "Dream Crazier” to Surf Excel’s Holi ad titled “Rang Laaye Sang” and Budweiser’s kickass spot featuring Charlize Theron, check out the ads that caught my attention this week!


Creative Picks | Episode 15

From Mcdonald's to Kellogg's, this week's top activations all happen to be from the food and beverage category but very different from each other. Ritwika Gupta takes a look.


Fierce Competition: Ushnota’s Top 10 Super Bowl LII Ads

The competition between brands during the Super Bowl season is fierce. Ushnota Paul lists down her favourites...