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Melt TV | Episode 268 | What Is The Impact Of AI On Marketing?

Can marketers co-exist with AI?


Melt TV | Episode 245 | P&G’s Priyali Kamath On Olay’s #STEMTheGap Campaign, AI, Chatbots & More!

"We look for brand growth and equity growth from Initiatives like #STEMTheGap. Social change is also a good metric to look at."


Melt TV | Episode 234 | Microsoft India’s Amrita Thapar Explains Why AI Should Be Your Copilot

"Microsoft's entire approach to Artificial Intelligence is to view it as your copilot."


Melt TV | Episode 231 | Amit Adarkar (Ipsos India) About The Risks And Ethics Of Using AI For Marketing

“The big concern that marketers should be worried about is how AI can hinder their control over a brand.”


Melt TV | Episode 228 | Mondelēz India’s Nitin Saini On Birthdays, Gifts & Generative AI

"A clear brand purpose gives great tailwinds to creative ideas. Technology just brings it to life."


Melt TV | Episode 198 | Santosh Desai On The Marketing Trends Of 2022 And What They Reveal About Us

Brand Purpose. Sustainability. Creativity. AI. Metaverse. Bollywood. Celebs. Influencers. Memorable Ads. And so much more!


Abhinav Chetan on Machine Learning & Google Ads at #ZeeMelt 2017

How will Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence change Google's Marketing Platforms? Google's Abhinav Chetan explains at Zee MELT 2017.


Luca Boschin on “Using AI to Unlock the Visual Age” at #ZeeMelt 2017

Why is it critical for marketers to tap in to Artificial Intelligence to drive mobile and video? LogoGrab's Luca Boschin explains.