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Creative Picks | EP 84 | American Tourister, Life Cereal, Adidas | Marketing Campaigns

This week, Ritwika Gupta reviews the 3 marketing campaigns that caught her eyes.


Creative Picks | Episode 53

This week, Ritwika Gupta reviews ads by Mahindra & Mahindra, Star Sports and Adidas. Take a look at the full episode.


Creative Picks | Episode 26

From Hyundai, KFC to Adidas, here are Ushnota Paul's favourite ad campaigns of the week. Let’s take a look!


Creative Picks | Episode 07

Ritwika Gupta takes you through this week's top marketing innovations.


The Gunn Report’s Cannes Lions 2017 Sweepstakes

Recently, the Gunn Report launched the Cannes Lions 2017 Sweepstakes, an annual contest predicting commercials that will win an award at the Cannes. We look at the 20 TV commercials.