Ready To Melt: Podcast Episode 12

Animesh Das, January 24, 2018

Kevin Swanepoel (CEO, The One Club for Creativity) on the state of Indian advertising, creative communications around the world, and the business of awards.

By now you would have heard of the big news. The Kyoorius Group has partnered The One Club for Creativity, and will serve as an official representative in India. In case you haven’t, more details about the announcement here.

On this episode of Ready To Melt, we catch up with Kevin Swanepoel, the CEO of The One Club for Creativity. From an assessment of the Indian advertising industry, to the challenges faced by the creative communications industry around the world, and plans for the future of both the One Club and the partnership with the Kyoorius Group in India, there’s a lot that we’ve talked about. So hit play and get Ready To Melt!