Noted Recent Campaigns – August / September

Ritwika Gupta, September 11, 2017

Good, bad, brilliant - Ritwika Gupta reviews the commercial messages which caught her eye in the last few months.

There are hundreds of commercial messages vying for our attention everyday across traditional and new media. Only a handful are noticed. Here are a few creative ideas which caught our eye in the months of August and September.

1) All New Domino’s

The All New Domino’s TVC features a group of people from various backgrounds giving feedback to the Domino’s team on what their pizzas are lacking. From dry crusts, less toppings to bland sauce, the rest of the ad film is all about how the team at Domino’s is implementing the missing ingredients in the pizzas. The campaign is intended to magnify Domino’s focus on its customers and their feedback. But to me, the entire execution is way too melodramatic. More than baking pizzas, it seems like the team of distressed looking chefs are preparing to go for a battle, making the kitchen sequence unintentionally comical. The background music could have been less intense. Also, it is appalling that none of the chefs are wearing hair nets or gloves in the kitchen. The focus on making better products is so much that the ad completely overlooks the basic hygiene and protocol of working in a kitchen. Makes me question if is a major marketing blunder or do they really work like that in actual setups? The commercial is also confusing on many counts. The whole idea of getting constructive feedback from your customers is great but in that case, why did the brand not go back to their customers after making the all new pizza? Feedback collection is a constant process. While a chef does bring a significant degree of expertise to the table, he cannot decide whether people will surely like the food or not. Since the ad concept is all about what the customers want, it would have made sense if the film ended with the team going back to the people to see if they took a liking to their new pizza. For a brand that is launching a significant product upgrade around the “Aapne Kaha, Humne Kiya” concept, this commercial seems to have missed the point.

2) Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash

Medimix’s new campaign showcases how we often end up neglecting our skin due to work and other responsibilities. While on one hand, the brand wants to tell the audience about the new face wash consisting of six essential herbs, the idea barely fits the storyline. We first see a grandmother telling her granddaughter the importance of keeping the skin “innocent” (healthy) despite hectic work. Then we see a mother, who comes out of nowhere, handing over a medimix facewash to her daughter. None of the characters talk about the significance of the 6 herbs in the new face wash. If that was the main objective, the message did not come across clearly.

3) MuscleBlaze – Tum nahi samjhoge

It is not every day that you see a sports nutrition brand paying a tribute to all fitness lovers and gym enthusiasts. Thus, MuscleBlaze’s new TVC comes across as a breath of fresh air. The ad acts as a voice of gymmers. The tagline, ‘Tum nahin samjhoge’, is like an answer to all those who have perhaps, in the past, mocked or questioned the discipline and dedication of fitness lovers. The film features a number of stylishly shot montages of people working out, training and then finally achieving what they had set out to. The concept is inspiring and it is a great way to attract the attention of fitness enthusiasts and even others who are not. There was not much focus on the product itself but the ad leaves you feeling motivated and almost in awe.

4) Flipkart – Be trendy Always

Flipkart released two TVCs that revolve around two characters – Neha and Naveen. Each one of the ads show the main protagonist being absolutely trendy without exceeding their budget. They leave others wondering what the secret to their stylish wardrobe is. This time again, the brand is back with its original concept of using kids as adults and of course, one would tend to watch the whole advertisement when a bunch of kids are imitating elders. The concept is simple – the ad basically aims to tell viewers that Flipkart can fulfil our desire to look good and trendy without making a hole in our pockets. The kids put a smile on your face and overall, it is a delightful campaign.

5) Astral Pipes

The new ad by Astral Pipes addresses the harassment women, in rural parts of India, face when they step out of their homes to attend to nature’s call. Through a meaningful song, a few women highlight the perils of open defecation and the importance of constructing toilets in their own homes. The issue of open defecation has been taken up by many brands in the past but unlike other ads, this one takes a rather assertive tone in order to create awareness among masses. It is a good initiative.

6) Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia’s new TVC is a playful banter between two individuals that cleverly showcase the features of the car and highlight its superiority over SUVs. It is refreshing to see an automobile ad that does not have any typical car shot. In fact, the brand is bold enough to break away from the norm and highlight all its product features through a simple conversation and not visuals. The tone is humorous and the TVC would definitely stand out among all other car ads.

7) Bluestone – Jewellery Comes Home

Bluestone’s latest ad featuring Alia bhatt, is all about picking jewellery in the comfort of your home. In today’s age and day, when people are running short of time, Bluestone through their campaign tells the viewers that we do not need to go to their store to buy jewellery. Instead, they will come to us and we can experience trials at home. The ad is fun, casual and quite unlike a jewellery ad where the focus is on the gems and the cuts. Alia’s effortless charm and the peppy music adds to the simple concept that is largely targeted at young, working women.

8) Kaun Banega Crorepati ‘Jawab Dene Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai’

The new KBC ad is impactful and relevant. The TVC features common people in different life instances where they are bogged down by difficult questions. Only the power of knowledge can change their destiny. The concept is effective and the idea to use common people is sure to make the ad relatable. The tagline ‘Jawab Dene Ka Waqt Aa Gaya Hai’ has a huge recall value and increases the anticipation for the ninth season.

9) Tanishq ‘Shringar’

Through Tanishq’s new ‘Shringar’ campaign, designed for the upcoming Teej festival, the brand tries to portray a simple message of love. During Teej, women fast 24 hours for the long life of their husbands. Taking a progressive approach, the ad shows an elderly man telling his wife that even he is fasting for her and gifts her a pair of bangles of the Shringar collection. The ad is endearing and beautifully depicts the relationship of the elderly couple. Although this TVC is particularly addressing people who celebrate Teej, it will surely resonate with many viewers across demographics.

10)’s new TVC takes us on a fantasy ride with Ranbir Kapoor. The brand projects itself as ‘India ka travel planner’ with an aim to encourage more people to travel. In an entertaining one minute rap, Kapoor takes us through all the services provided by the online travel portal. The tone is quirky, youthful and keeps viewers engaged till the very end.

11) Game of Thrones – Hotstar

Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered earlier this month and undoubtedly, it is the world’s most avidly watched show. Unfortunately, it is also the most illegally downloaded show. With an objective to bring an end to illegal downloading (especially from Torrents), Hotstar launched a series of 4 TV commercials that feature a young boy who takes all the trouble to find and download illegal content whereas his friend tells him how unnecessary these pains are, thanks to Hotstar. Taking a humorous approach, the brand’s new campaign called ‘Torrents Morghulis’ plays on ‘valar morghulis’ a term from the series that means ‘all men must die’ and in this case, translates to ‘all torrents must die’. The ad is funny and has a good recall value. The message is clearly conveyed as it encourages users to sign up for the Hotstar Premium and enjoy their beloved series, ad-free and hassle free.