Advertising: Wants You To Find Your Work-Life Balance

Ritwika Gupta, March 11, 2019

The brand’s new campaign raises awareness around issues concerning work-life balance in a humorous way.

Online recruitment portal,’s new ad film sees a man working in his office till late when his pizza delivery guy reminds him that he needs some work-life balance. The man starts laughing hysterically but soon, his laughter turns to tears as he is faced with the reality of his situation. The commercial ends with the super, “Missing work life balance in your job? Find Better.” The ad is hilarious and makes its point in less than a minute. One of the biggest pains that the current generation is facing is not being able to balance work and personal life. Perhaps 25 years ago, work life balance was not even a ‘thing’ but today the world is moving at a rapid pace and studies by the brand suggest that millenials need a level of flexibility in their working lives. It helps when your boss gets it but many companies still do not understand the importance of a healthy balance. builds on this idea and positions the brand as a proud supporter of work-life balance.

There is also a second film that revolves around a group of friends playing dumb charades and one of them is simply spewing corporate jargon instead of film names, revealing his obsession with work. Both the ads are light-hearted and tell us that understands what the younger workforce wants. Conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the campaign suggests that if you are burnt out with no time for yourself or for your family, log on to and find yourself a better job. It is a clever idea and will resonate with the millennial workforce.