Melt TV| Episode 81 | Fernando Machado

melt, August 29, 2020

Find out more about Burger King, Popeye's and Tim Horton's efforts during the pandemic.

The hospitality industry has taken a massive hit with hotels and restaurants seeing a drastic decline in revenue due to COVID-19. While some restaurants have remained open for takeout and delivery, some have been forced to shut their doors for good. Fast-food restaurants have also been responding to changing consumer tastes during the lockdown. Burger King, for instance, showed people how to make Whoppers at home with ingredients from a grocery store. It also offered free burgers to students if they could solve various questions while studying at home. To find out more about Burger King, Popeye’s and Tim Horton’s efforts during the pandemic, Anant Rangaswami (Editor, Melt) speaks to Fernando Machado (Global CMO, Restaurant Brands International).