Melt TV | Episode 272 | What’s The Future Of AI Tools?

melt, June 15, 2024

Melt deep dives into the Future of AI with Amit Adarkar, CEO of IPSOS India. Amit sheds light on the evolving perceptions of AI and how these differ between Asia and Western countries, highlighting the overarching positive attitude towards AI in India.

From adapting to AI advancements to discussing its integration within IPSOS and their proprietary AI initiatives, Adarkar shares a great insights. We discuss the nuanced understanding and acceptance of AI in the Asian market compared to the West, touching on how cultural and economic factors influence these perceptions.

Watch the full episode to know how is AI being perceived differently across the globe? What makes the attitude towards AI in India particularly positive? How is IPSOS integrating AI into their operations and what innovative AI solutions is being developed?