Melt TV | Episode 265 | How Does Ariel Drive Social Change Through #ShareTheLoad?

melt, May 28, 2024

Exploring #ShareTheLoad, a case study of purpose-driven marketing done right.

Melt delves into gender equality at home with Mukta Maheshwari and Josy Paul.

Mukta, CMO of P&G India & VP of Fabric Care at P&G Indian Subcontinent, and Josy, Chairman & CCO at BBDO India, talk about Ariel’s latest ShareTheLoad campaign with us. From discussing the intent to the impact of Ariel’s ShareTheLoad, these industry leaders provide valuable information.

We even gain insights into how the white room discussions at BBDO India evolve into socially relevant iterations of one of the most beloved campaigns.

Watch the full episode to learn what it takes to keep a campaign relevant for years, how they decide the central idea for each iteration, and the insight behind this year’s ShareTheLoad campaign.