Melt TV | Episode 233 | Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar on Cricket, AI, Quantum Marketing & More!

melt, September 2, 2023

"Marketers typically have relied only on audio and video. Not the other senses. That is a missed opportunity."

Now, cricket fever is about to reach fever pitch in the coming months as we draw closer to the 2023 Men’s World Cup. And naturally, where there’s a crowd, there will be brands. One of the first to lead the charge is Mastercard, that recently signed on as a global partner for international cricket body, the ICC. To know more, we are in conversation today with Raja Rajamannar, the Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President of the Healthcare Business at Mastercard. How can a brand do justice to a sports sponsorship? Let’s find out as we get ready to melt with Raja Rajamannar.