Melt TV| Episode 230 | Kantar’s K Ramakrishnan On Brand Footprints, Consumer Behaviour & More

melt, August 12, 2023

"The fundamental story is that local brands are making a resurgence."

We’re talking consumer behaviour on MELT today, on the back of Kantar’s recently launched Brand Footprint Report. Launched last month, the report tracks brands and consumer choice by measuring CRPs – or Consumer Reach Points – all in an effort to measure the mass appeal of the brand, and the number of times it is bought. To know more, we are in conversation with K Ramakrishnan or Ramki, Managing Director for South Asia Worldpanel Division at Kantar. Is there a secret to driving penetration? Do regional brands pose any challenge to national brands? Has consumer behaviour changed over the last year? Let’s find out as we get ready to melt with K Ramakrishnan.