Melt TV | Episode 223 | CEOs Of Duroflex & Sleepyhead On Marketing Mattresses And More

melt, June 23, 2023

"Our vision statement is to be the most admired brand that helps people sleep better."

MELT comes to you from the headquarters of Duroflex. The mattress and furniture manufacturer operates under two main brands, Duroflex and Sleepyhead. Together, the brands aim to penetrate India’s unorganised mattress market, which currently makes up almost 60% of the total industry. To know more, we are in conversation with Mohanraj Jagannivasan, CEO of Duroflex and Mathew Joseph, CEO & Co-Founder of Sleepyhead. What’s the future of mattress technology, and how can you market a mattress to a young population? Find out as we get ready to melt with Mohanraj Jagannivasan and Mathew Joseph.