Melt TV | Episode 188 | Anil Viswanathan Talks Mithai, MarTech & More

melt, October 22, 2022

"Ideas still dictate the quality of impact we have, but data provides the clarity."

MELT wishes all viewers a very Happy Diwali.

Now, the festive season has always been a big marketing window in India, but it’s especially lucrative for chocolate and confectionery maker Mondelēz. The owner of the Cadbury brand has once again gone all out to market its portfolio as an alternative to mithai. To know more, we are in conversation today with Anil Viswanathan, who recently served as the Vice President of Marketing at Mondelēz India, and has just been elevated to Managing Director of Vietnam (Southeast Asia) at Mondelēz International. So, joining us from Ho Chi Minh city, let’s get ready to melt with Anil Viswanathan.