Melt In A Minute |Paid Ad Views Removed From YouTube’s Music Chart Rankings, Nike Wins An Emmy & More

Madhuwanti Saha, September 16, 2019

From Nike's 'Dream Crazy' commercial winning an Emmy to a fall in consumer spending on e-commerce sites, a look at the top headlines

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Today’s Top Stories:

  1. YouTube removes paid ad views from its Music Chart rankings

YouTube is removing paid ad views from its Music Chart for a fairer reflection of artist popularity to maintain credibility and consistency. Artist rankings will now be judged by organic views. Advertisers can still push singles using the ad product but these views will not to the final ranking

2. Nike’s ‘Dream Crazy’ picks up Creative Arts Emmy award

Nike’s controversial ‘Dream Crazy’ commercial, featuring former American athlete Colin Kaepernik won a Creative Arts Emmy for the best ad spot. It was nominated alongside Apple, Netflix and Sandy Hook Promise organisation.

 3. Consumer spending on e-commerce sites down by 21%: Kantar Report

With e-commerce sites pushed to cut discounts in India, consumer spending on the online portals has gone down by about a fifth in the first half of the year to June according to a report by Kantar. This was reported by the Economic Times. The average spending is down 21%. Kantar, however, expects a rebound in the festive season.

 4. WPP appoints Christina Peyton of VP marketing and growth for APAC

WPP has appointed Christina Peyton as VP of marketing and growth for APAC based in Singapore. Peyton was previously APAC head of marketing and PR for Digitas for the past four years.