Melt In A Minute | Uber Appoints Lucinda Barlow, S4 Capital Acquires Firewood & MORE

Ritwika Gupta, October 9, 2019

From Twitter admitting to the misuse of personal data for advertising to Facebook paying $40 million to settle an advertiser lawsuit for incorrectly calculating average viewing time for video ads on its platform, here are the top news of the day:

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Today’s Top Headlines:

1. Google Launches Adsense In Marathi

Google has launched Adsense in Marathi. As noted by livemint, publishers can now monetize content in Marathi and connect to a Marathi speaking audience with relevant ads from across the globe. At the moment, Google supports five Indian language advertising covering Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and now Marathi.

2. Uber Appoints Lucinda Barlow

Uber has appointed Lucinda Barlow as the senior director of marketing, Asia Pacific. Prior to this, Lucinda led product marketing at YouTube.

3. S4 Capital Acquires Firewood

S4Capital has acquired digital agency, Firewood, for £150m. Firewood will merge with MediaMonks, its digital global content firm.

4. Twitter Admits Misusing Personal Data For Advertising

In a recent company statement, Twitter said it discovered that email addresses and phone numbers of users meant to be used for security may have been used for advertising purposes. Twitter could not say exactly how many people were impacted.

5. Facebook To Pay $40 Million To Settle Advertiser Lawsuit

Facebook will have to pay $40 million to settle a lawsuit for incorrectly calculating average viewing time for video ads on its platform. According to MarketWatch, advertisers sued the social networking platform for overstating video-viewing metrics over an 18-month period from 2015 to 2016, which led to advertisers paying extra for video ads based on the inflated data.