Melt In A Minute | Google Appoints Sanjay Gupta, Group M To Launch INCA In India & MORE

Ritwika Gupta, November 8, 2019

From Google considering changes to their political ad policy to GroupM launching INCA in India, these are the top headlines of the day:

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Top News Today:

1. Google Appoints Sanjay Gupta
Google has appointed Sanjay Gupta as its new country manager and VP of sales and operations. Gupta joins from Star and Disney India, where he was the managing director.

2. Google Considers Changes To Political Ad Policy
Google is now considering changes to their political ad policy. According to The Wall Street Journal, it is not clear if Google will rule out political ads altogether or limit them in some way, such as restricting the ability to target specific audiences.

3. GroupM To Launch INCA In India
GroupM will soon launch its influencer marketing solution — INCA, in India. As noted by afaqs, INCA will connect brands to a network of publishers and influencers to create and promote content across social media.

4. Disney+ Will Stream on Amazon’s Fire TV
Disney has partnered with Amazon to put Disney+ on Fire TV devices. The Disney+ app will also tie into Amazon’s universal search feature, allowing users to request specific shows by simply asking Alexa!

5. Reebok To Unify Under One Logo
Reebok is all set to unify its vintage vector logo and the signature drop-R, beginning in 2020. The wordmark and logo will be fully integrated across all Rebook products.