Maggi Masala-ae-Magic’s ‘Rishton Ka Swaad’ TVC Is Sweet And Effective

Ushnota Paul, April 10, 2018

The 1-minute ad not only addresses the purpose of the product but also an important issue

Nestle’s new campaign for their product Maggi Masala-ae-Magic ‘Rishton ka Swaad’, not only talks about the purpose of the product, but also gives one some food for thought. It draws a subtle yet effective parallel between how you can transform your ‘roz ki sabzi’ along with your ‘roz ki zindagi’, into something much better.

The one-minute commercial shows a simple conversation between a mother and her son, who is about to get married soon. The son fights with his fiancé over the phone because he wants her to quit her job post marriage and they’re understandably not on the same page about it. “Shaadi ke baad aap ne bhi job chhod hee diya tha na maa,” he tells his mother. The mother, who’s busy cooking a sabzi, gives her son some to taste, saying she has made it using Maggi’s taste enhancer Masala-ae-Magic.

The son tastes and says it’s yummier than before. The mom now smiles wisely and says, “Ab pehle jaisa hee karte rahenge, toh pehle se better kaise hoga?” “Recipes ka hee nahi, Rishton ka swaad bhi badal raha hai”, says the voice over, that essentially means “Not just recipes, even relationships are changing every day”. The commercial ends with the Maggi tagline – Kuch achha pak raha hai, which is sweet as well as explains the product well.

Conceptualised and implemented by Publicis India, this Kuchh Achha Pak Raha Hai campaign was launched to celebrate Maggi’s 35th birthday. Aptly launched on March 8, International Women’s Day, the campaign beautifully touches upon issues like women empowerment and the changing status of women in society today. It also prods one to embody contemporary and liberal thinking, all the while still sticking to the product message.

A lot of times brands get so caught up with getting across a social message that they forget the main purpose of the commercial – the product itself. But in this case, the two run parallel to each other and then gets tied together, smoothly and effectively. While it explains how Maggi’s Masala-ae-Magic taste enhancer can enhance your food with its ‘10 roasted aromatic spices’, it also says it can enhance your relationships, if only you change your mindset a little. Well done, Nestle and Publicis!